This happy go lucky fella doesn’t seem too bothered by anything that happens, always proclaiming that “it will sort itself out in time”, and it often does. Not the most stable emotionally, often just happy to exist, but easy to stress, and very much capable of lashing out. Might have something to do with him being far from a pure bred dragon - he won’t divulge much, other than the fact that if he was a dog, he’d be called a mutt. It’s obvious from a distance - the smooth scales of a dragon is replaced by a thick fluffy coat of something, that hardens and shrinks when heated. He lacks powers that most dragons have, lacking wings and breathing elements, but for some reason his claws are of a material similar to flint - except it also releases flammable gas when struck or heated. He got the claw on his right thumb coated in metal so he can use his index finger as a lighter, which he thinks is, I quote, “very cool”. His metabolism is also out of whack, to the point where he has an extremely low BMR - if he only lounges around all day, he doesn’t need more than an apple to sustain himself. However, if he’s active, he’ll need to shovel food down his throat to avoid turning into a fluffy twig. Just, you know, don’t expect him to stay still for long.

He had a less sheltered upbringing than his parents might have wanted, which has lead to a distrust of authority, he’ll question it all the way, and isn’t afraid to take to violence against things he doesn’t consider ethical.


This deep red pure dragon was the runt of the litter, and combined with the fact that they didn’t want to behave “like a man should”, lead him to get shunned by both family and society as a whole. They ran off at a pretty young age, and joined a roaming group of like minded people.

They run a courier service these days, operating outside the law. As long as it’s not going to hurt someone, they are willing to take the job, and they are famous for the speed of which they make deliveries. You’d expect a runt have trouble with roaming bandits, but not when it’s easy to hide and you can outrun them all. They’ve only gotten cornered once, and admittedly, that did end badly.


This dragon used to get into all kinds of trouble when he was young, but he’s mellowed out a bit over the years, or has at least gotten better at hiding it. These days he works as a librarian at the local library, and considers himself a “guardian of free knowledge” - according to some, he’s the one to get in touch with if you want to know the things others don’t want you to know. He’s got sources everywhere, and information deserves to be free.