I’m not currently looking for work, meaning this might end up missing updates.

I am an avid programmer, having worked with a wide variety of programming languages since around 2007. I’m highly experienced in C#, JavaScript, TypeScript, and Python, but also consider myself decent at C++, PHP, Lua, Java and various SQL variants including MySQL, MS-SQL, and PostgreSQL.

I work with cybersecurity and system administration as a hobby, and have a few responsible disclosures under my belt, including with Picarto and the now defunct Project Wonderful.

Work Experience

Software Developer at TietoEVRY (2016/12 -> Now)

I work as part of a team of 8 developing new software for elderly care, bringing new ideas and security experience to the table. In September 2020 I optimized our internal test framework, bringing worst case test suite runtime down to 50 seconds from 7 minutes, most teams saw the time needed to run their tests cut in half.

Software Developer at ITByn AB (2016/02 -> 2016/08)

One of two people who helped maintain and further develop Tidbasen, a database driven web application for businesses used for logging time spent on projects, inventory management, reports, and much more. I helped resolve a large amount of security issues, as well as vastly increase the speed by optimizing the database access. Linux server maintenance was done as well.

Volunteer Experience

Networking with Eternal Connection LAN (2014/03 -> 2018)

I set up the network for 3-4 days about twice a year, supporting a network of ~105 high volume users. The router was a Dell box with twin gigabit NIC running PfSense, acting as a NAT.